With over 12 years of proven performance, it’s nice to know that when it comes to crop nutrition, you can always count on MicroEssentials.

Proven performance you can count on.

With so many factors that can impact the success of your growing year, it’s nice to know that when it comes to crop nutrition, MicroEssentials® phosphate-based fertilizer has you covered. With proven technologies like uniform nutrient distribution and season-long sulfur availability backed by over 12 years of performance data, you can spend less time stressing over the fruits of your labor, and more time enjoying them.

Has over 12 years of proven data
Conducts over 1200 field trials globally
Accounts for 20% of applied phosphate
Most recognized premium fertilizer

Phosphorus uptake in corn

SZ vs. MAP

Corn Yield Increase Compared to Conventional Map Blend:

8.6 bu/ac

Corn - SZ vs. DAP

SZ vs. DAP

Increase with MicroEssentials SZ Over DAP:

8.8 bu/ac

Corn Zinc Rate Study

SZ vs. MAP Blend

At least:

More efficient Zn Source than a traditional map blend

DAP Blend

Increased P uptake compared to DAP+AS+ZnSO4


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