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Four Nutrients.
One Powerful Granule.

Through our patented Fusion® technology, MicroEssentials® creates a nutritionally balanced fertilizer granule, providing a season-long boost in soil fertility.

  • Nitrogen

    Vital for plant growth, development and reproduction, and a major component of chlorophyll.

  • Phosphorus

    An essential nutrient for plant health and catalysis in key biochemical reactions.

  • Sulfur

    A part of every living cell and a constituent of two of the 20 amino acids that form proteins.

  • Zinc

    Involved in enzyme systems that regulate early growth, and vital for fruit, seed and root system development.

Delivering Uniform Nutrient Distribution.

Through our Fusion technology, only MicroEssentials ensures each plant receives the optimum balance of nutrients to maximize yield potential.

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Improving Nutrient Uptake.

The unique chemistry of MicroEssentials is formulated to improve nutrient uptake throughout the season, boosting plants to their full potential.

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Two forms of sulfur for season-long crop nutrition.

While commodity fertilizer blends may contain sulfate sulfur, only MicroEssentials delivers season-long sulfur availability through its combination of both sulfate and elemental sulfur.

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Numbers talk.

With over a decade of proven results across the country, MicroEssentials has given growers a boost in yields across a variety of crops and soil conditions.

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Tailored for your operation.

MicroEssentials is available in three distinct formulations, each catering to a unique lineup of crops and soil conditions.
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Helping tomorrow's fields grow.

With as much as 60 percent of yield dependent on soil fertility, crop nutrition is the foundation for the production of healthier crops. As the world's leading crop nutrition experts, The Mosaic Company helps you get the most from your fields.

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