Keep the Sulfur supply your crops demand.

Having two forms of sulfur is key for maintaining balanced nutrition levels when it means the most.

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The Sulfur Dilemma

Lower availability & greater need

Today's cropping systems require more sulfur than ever before. With improved air quality standards, sulfur emissions have been greatly reduced and decreased the amount of sulfur that is deposited within rainfall.

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Many fertilizers only offer sulfate sulfur, which leaves plants vulnerable to the effects of leaching; a depletion of nutrients caused by rain and irrigation.

Demand has increased. Supply should too.

Sulfur requirements are also higher than in the past due to increased crop yields, creating a potential imbalance. Sulfur fertilizer is critical to provide balanced crop nutrition and ensure today's high yield systems keep having high yields.


Our sulfur has a side-kick

Two forms of sulfur

MicroEssentials greatly reduces sulfur losses found in typical fertilizer blends by providing two forms of sulfur (sulfate sulfur and elemental sulfur).

This allows for the immediately available sulfate sulfur for early season growth while the oxidation of elemental S provides sulfur throughout the growing season.

Early Season

Maintaining balance

As SO42- is absorbed by the plants' root system, elemental sulfur acts as a back up, converting into sulfate over time and filling in the nutritional gaps.

This unique pairing ensures roots have a continuous supply of sulfur throughout the entire growing season.

Late Season
Early Season
Late Season
"We can't achieve that kind of efficiency with any other sulfur product." Watch the Video
"We can't achieve that kind of efficiency with any other sulfur product." Watch the Video

The proof is in the performance

At the end of the day, it's the results that matter. We couldn't agree more. See our history of performance and how MicroEssentials can make all the difference to your bottom line.

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