MicroEssentials SZ

MicroEssentials SZ and Corn

MicroEssentials® SZ (12-40-0-10S-1Zn) is an ideal fertilizer for use on most crops, including corn, wheat, rice and barley. Through our patented Fusion™ technology process, nitrogen (12%), phosphorus (40%), sulfur (10%) and zinc (1%) are fused into one nutritionally balanced granule, creating a single source for balanced crop nutrition. The unique chemistry and proper nutrient ratio of MicroEssentials promotes uniform nutrient distribution, improved nutrient uptake, and season-long sulfur availability. 

Zinc – A Critical Micronutrient

Zinc is essential for normal, healthy growth and reproduction of crops. In fact, plants fail to develop normally when they are deficient in zinc. Consider the following:

  • Test results show that most soils throughout the Corn Belt lack adequate zinc1
  • The addition of zinc sulfate can be expensive and difficult to apply uniformly across the field
  • Unlike most forms of zinc oxide, which are not readily available to plants, the sulfonated zinc oxide found in MicroEssentials SZ is highly available

The Right Ratio at the Right Time

MicroEssential SZ is specially formulated to evenly distribute nitrogen, phosphorus, sulfur and zinc in the right ratio, at the right time. MicroEssentials delivers a high rate of phosphorus coupled with two forms of sulfur.

  • Sulfate (50%) – available immediately to developing roots
  • Elemental Sulfur (50%) – available later in the growing season, after oxidation

With over 10 years of proven agronomic research, you can be confident that MicroEssentials SZ delivers the optimum performance you expect from a premium product by The Mosaic Company.

1From "The Fertility of North American Soils, 2010" by Paul E. Fixen, Tom W. Bruulsema, Tom L. Jensen, Robert Mikkelsen, T. Scott Murrell, Steve B. Phillips, Quentin Round, and W. Mike Stewart, 2010, IPNI.

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