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MicroEssentials is specially formulated to improve nutrient uptake of phosphorus, sulfur and zinc through a single product.

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The Challenge with Phosphorus

Phosphorus is the foundation for maintaining high quality yields in all soils. It's also very complex. When soil doesn't have the right pH level, phosphorus can become less accessible to plant roots, resulting in lower utilization and lower yields.

Drag hydrogen to convert the phosphorus

MicroEssentials creates a more acidic environment around each granule. By lowering the pH, phosphorus converts to a form that is more available to the plant, providing increased uptake.

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MicroEssentials consistently outperforms MAP and DAP in phosphorus uptake per plant, resulting in higher yields and an improved ROI.

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Increased P uptake vs MAP+AS+ZnSO4
+8.6 BU/AC
Comparisons of Phosphorus Uptake in Corn (V6-V8)
MicroEssentials SZ

The Challenge With Sulfur

With traditional blended fertilizers, the particle size in sulfur granules is larger and more difficult to break down, making it less readily available to the plant.

Smaller particle size for better uptake

The elemental sulfur particle size in MicroEssentials is incredibly small. Its small size encourages faster conversion to sulfate and better absorption by the plants.

  • Elemental Sulfur
  • Sulfate Sulfur

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Season-long Sulfur

The Challenge With Zinc

Zinc is a critical micronutrient, but needed in very small amounts. With blended fertilizers it's difficult to distribute properly without overapplying or ending up with uneven or inefficient application, resulting in plants getting too much or too little zinc, not to mention, costing you extra money.

zinc contact points with root:

Blended Fertilizers

zinc contact points with root:

MicroEssentials SZ

MicroEssentials SZ integrates the optimum amount of zinc in each granule, providing even distribution, every time. This allows Zinc to reach the root system of every plant.

Here's the proof

MicroEssentials SZ provides zinc more efficiently, resulting in higher yields at lower application rates as compared to competitors. Check out the results.

3X More efficient Zn source than a traditional MAP Blend
Corn yield at varying zinc rates
MicroEssentials SZ
"Phosphorous is there. But the question is, is it available?" Watch the Video
"Phosphorous is there. But the question is, is it available?" Watch the Video

The proof is in the performance

At the end of the day, it's the results that matter. We couldn't agree more. See our history of performance and how MicroEssentials can make all the difference to your bottom line.

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Uniform Nutrient Distribution Season-Long Sulfur

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