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Hit Your Target Every Time

MicroEssentials and the power of Fusion technology deliver balanced crop nutrition through uniform distribution. It’s a difference that allows your crops to reach their full potential and provide greater ROI.

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The Challenge With Blended Fertilizers

Product Segregation

Because the nutrients in blended fertilizers have different particle sizes and densities, there is a tendency for them to separate - with some particles settling to the bottom making uniform nutrient distribution nearly impossible.

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Wildly inconsistent

With blended fertilizers, each nutrient is an individual granule, making application uneven and more difficult for plants to reach vital nutrients.


Enter, Fusion® Technology

MicroEssentials is the leading, sulfur-enhanced fertilizer combining four key nutrients into a single, nutritionally balanced granule, ensuring uniform nutrient distribution with every application for season-long fertility. It’s precision and quality you can only get from The Mosaic Company

Balanced crop nutrition for each and every plant

By delivering uniform distribution, MicroEssentials ensures balanced nutrition at the plant level – not just across the field – making it easier for every plant to reach its full potential with:

Increased Root Interception Sites

Healthier Root Development

Higher Yield and ROI
1 Zinc Granule/sq. ft.

Traditional Blended Fertilizer

40 Granules with Zinc/sq. ft.

MicroEssentials SZ

40 Granules with Zinc/sq. ft.
MicroEssentials SZ VS. 1 Zinc Granule/sq. ft.
Traditional Blended Fertilizer

"The value is there and farmers see it." Watch the Video
"The value is there and farmers see it." Watch the Video

The proof is in the performance

At the end of the day, it's the results that matter. We couldn't agree more. See our history of performance and how MicroEssentials can make all the difference to your bottom line.

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More Dimensions of Smarter Crop Nutrition
Increased Uptake Season-Long Sulfur

More Personalized Results

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