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We know dirt. It's our biggest focus. with up to 60% of your yield dependent on crop nutrition, it’s also your biggest opportunity for growth. But we think crop nutrition can do more. That’s why our leading team of expert agronomists are out in the fields as much as they’re in the labs, working with growers, retailers and independent researchers around the world to create solutions to some of agriculture’s biggest challenges.

Join us as we continue to explore and advance crop nutrition together, all in the name of smarter products, smarter practice and smarter business.


Meet our solutions

From total crop nutrition solutions to customizable combinations of commodity and premium products, Mosaic offers a suite of a fertilizers designed to meet your unique needs.

12 N
40 P2O5
0 K2O
10 S
1 Zn

Through patented Fusion® technology, MicroEssentials® creates a nutritionally balanced fertilizer granule, providing a season-long boost in soil fertility.

0 N
0 P2O5
58 K2O
0.5 B

Aspire® is a superior boron delivery system that combines boron with potassium in each granule to help achieve balanced crop nutrition.

21.5 K2O
10.5 Mg
21 S

K-Mag® supplies a unique and perfectly balanced package of three essential nutrients in highly available water-soluble forms.

0 N
0 P2O5
62 K2O

Pegasus® high-value pure white potash contains 62% K2O which means 3.3% more potassium per ton, helping you do more with less.

58 P2O5

Our high quality potash and phosphate products provide vital nutrients and complement your overall crop nutrition program.

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